Atlanta Metropolitan State College

The Atlanta Metropolitan State College Centre for Entrepreneurship (AMSCCE) provides the advisory for our Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program. This allows create access to the vast resources from the Centre.

Learn More provides hands-on access to their hotel partners and will provide the needed background for the students  to excel in their chosen fields. This will allow BAU R&D students get Intern, Trainee and other job positions in the hospitality industry. Curriculum Development will provided for programs at BAU R&D’s Network of Institutions

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Through JSTOR’s initiative for Africa, BAU community members can have free unlimited access to millions of academic content collections in Arts, Business and Economics, Sciences, Life Sciences 19th Century British Pamphlets, Social Sciences and Humanities.

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SPIE Digital Library

The SPIE Digital Library contains the world’s largest collection of optics and photonics research. Our community now has free access to the entire SPIE Digital Library of over 375,000 papers in this a rapidly growing, cross-disciplinary field of study. Content covers the broadest range of applied optics and photonics science and engineering papers anywhere.

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Through the Google Apps for Education program, Google supports education ventures globally by providing enterprise tools for communication, interaction, learning, storage and lots more at absolutely no cost to these ventures. BAU online uses the Google Apps suite in innovative ways.
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Objectivity is a leader in Graph Database systems and models, providing top tier services for some of the biggest brands in the United States and the world. Through their educational program, BAU is researching emerging trends in Graph Database Systems with hands on experience with the InfiniteGraph Database.

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The NET Education Advancement Initiative, a collaborative effort with the Stockholm College provides BAU with full access to its learning centres, computer laboratories across Nigeria for use by BAU Researchers to gather data in the rural areas and for access.

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