Our Approach

We have designed a tailored business, investment and academic framework that informs our approach in the African higher education learning

BAU R&D builds and manages next generation African universities driving Access to Quality and Relevant higher education. We manage institutional growth, implement the BAU Framework, drive curriculum development and implementation, and create opportunities for students and graduates. We work in partnership with Africa's private and public sectors to develop learning programs that address Africa's unique needs, equipping our students through these partnerships to tackle the future challenges of the continent.

– Our Approach to Delivery –

Access to Learning

There are millions of young people in Nigeria and across the African continent with no access to Higher Education Learning, though they may be qualified and willing to pursue HEL. We work to create opportunities for more students to attend universities through:

  • Program Development
  • Efficient Institutions Development
  • Graduation Rates Improvements
  • Innovation in Online & Mobile Learning
Quality of Learning

Many students that graduate from institutions of higher learning in Africa can not compete with those that graduate outside the continent due to the poor state education and sub par quality of learning in these institutions. We work to improve on the quality of education through:

  • Program and Curriculum Development
  • Institutional Partnerships
  • Quality Hiring
  • Technology and Research
Relevance of Learning

The African continent is plagued by several challenges. We need HLE's that address and equip their graduates to tackle these challenges. It is important that students are able to learn what they can directly apply in their jobs or communities. We work to improve on the relevance of learning through:

  • Program and Curriculum Development
  • Internship & Private Sector Partnerships
  • Research
  • Social Entrepreneurship

– Why We Are Different –