BAU Patriots

It is a tasking, expensive and painstaking venture to start an institution of higher learning, a university or any of its variations. In 2012, we went public about our vision to create what is now known as BAU Online, which in turn birthed Beni American University.

Our Patriots believe in our vision, goals and objectives. They’ve given unrestricted gifts as well as targeted donations towards specific focus areas in our projects. We want to thank Our Patriots for their generosity and thoughtfulness. We believe that the road ahead is paved because of your kindness. We will continually work towards keeping our promises and reaching as many African students as we can, through education, learning and opportunities.

 To become a Patriot, please consider giving to our initiatives.

stripes Patriots (2014)

2014 is an important year for BAU R&D. All our projects go live this year starting with our BAU Online programs taking off fully in March and our Beni American University project development taking full flight by April. We have outlined some Areas of Focus for 2014 that we need your help to achieve.

We are particularly grateful to the following Patriots* for their contributions, support and advise.

  • Ne I Uk
  • Caesar Muwanguzi
  • Chukwuemeka Mba

stripes Patriots (2013)

With your donations in 2013, we were been able to offer the opportunity for students to take our “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” Program at no cost for the Fall 2013 Semester. We also furthered our research into “SMS in mLearning Delivery in Africa”. This research is aimed at cutting off the overall need for internet access when delivering courses to users in Africa by using SMS Short-codes that will work for both internet enabled phones and feature phones.

We are particularly grateful to the following Patriots* for their contributions, support and advise.

  • Sierra Ansley
  • Michael Sean Gallagher
  • Obinna Ukwuani
  • Julius Sea
  • Sheriam Akintoye-Otiki 
  • Juliet Segayi
  • Mercy Uwakwe
  • Femi Alade
  • Abisoye Falabi
  • Samora Reid

stripes Patriots (2012)

At the very beginning with very minimal experience in higher education management, we had a grand vision to create West Africa’s First Hybrid Online University in order to solve the problem we discovered in the sector. All we had was the vision and the backing of Our Patriots, who gave wholeheartedly to support and encourage us to bring the vision to life.

We created a target fundraising goal for

  • A Higher Education Landscape Market Survey (July – September 2012)
  • The Development of our Online Learning Environment
  • The Design of Learning Models, Programs and Assessment of Research
  • The Free BAU Pilot Program (30 Students from across West Africa)

We are particularly grateful to the following Patriots* for their contributions, support and advise.

  • AA Akindele
  • Anibe Agamah
  • Chinaza Ezeonyebuchi
  • Chinomso Agbasi
  • Chrys-Eve Nyetam
  • Elizabeth Otisi
  • Francois-Xavier Ada Affana 
  • IK Uma
  • Izzah Nur
  • Johnson Asi
  • Kayode Muyibi
  • Mariam Ayeni-Salami
  • Mercy Uzoanya
  • Michael Gallagher
  • Nancy Ruan
  • Ne I Uk
  • Oceania Alfa
  • S. Lawani


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*We got the permission to list these Patriots. There are many others who anonymously gave and some who wished not to be named.