Ruby Igwe

Research Intern, Communications Office

Ruby Igwe
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Ruby Igwe is a Research Intern at BAU R&D. She is a passionate person, patriotic Nigerian, and a perceptive law graduate from the University of Kent at Canterbury in the United Kingdom with a vast and varied portfolio of previously and currently held hands-on leadership positions, some of which include Head Girl of her Secondary School, Union Officer during A-Levels, and President of the Nigerian Law Society in her second year at university.

She has a very keen interest in Nigeria’s infrastructural development holistically, regarding and rightly recognizing the educational sector (among others) as a key stakeholder in this dream. A published author of two books, Ruby is an outspoken, articulate, confident communicator and team player with an inquiring and innovative mind and a thirst for knowledge and new experiences, especially experiences which involve shaping a progressively better Nigeria for generations to come. A staunch supporter of Nigeria in any circle and through thick and thin, she remains thrilled to be a part of Team Beni and believes in and supports the vision of BAU wholeheartedly.

She has worked within the structures of her university as a Student Ambassador, Society President, and within her Student Union as a College Welcome Helper & Team Leader, Chair of the Kent Union AGM, a Student Activities Administrator and Chair of the Union’s Executive Committee; and previously holding numerous trusteeship and leadership positions from as far back as primary school.

She is looking to help push for sound and successful policies as a member of the newly inaugurated Nigerian Economic Summit Group Youth Integration Initiative, not surprisingly within the Infrastructure Policy Commission, and she is excited to have been nominated to serve her country in this regard; looking forward to the second conference she is attending and the first in this capacity in early October 2016.

She brings a wealth of experience to Team Beni’s table, especially with regards to leadership, administration, and the inner workings of educational institutions.