Samson Fadiya

Director of Curriculum Development

Dr. Samson Fadiya
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Dr. Samson Oluwaseun Fadiya is an Information Systems Expert, Lecturer and International Editor. He helps business owners build compliant defined Information Security and Business Systems to automate business processes and retain top notch employees. He believes the key to a successful job is to build a plan with flexible Design, development and administration of systems, performance monitoring, reporting, and tuning of processes.

He has over 4 years of classroom teaching experience at the university level and 6 over years experience in the private sector, helping small business clients with defined contribution provision of support and assistance to their IT development teams in the design,development, testing, tuning and implementation of database applications.

Dr. Samson holds a B.Sc. Degree in Information Systems, MSc and PhD Degree in Management Information System from Girne American University, Cyprus. Additionally, he holds an OCA (Certified Associate), OCP (Certified Professional), and has obtained eleven certifications at Texas A&M University in the area of Information Technology and Project Management. He is a member of many professional bodies and is currently Editor in Chief for International Journal of Scientific Research in Information Systems and Engineering. (IJSRISE).

Courses and papers taught by him include: Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm and Computer Programming, Computer Applications, System Analysis and Design, Management Information System, Computer Organization Architecture, Operating System, Electronic Commerce, Fundamental of Information System.