Mobile Portfolios and Design
July 28, 2013

by Michael Sean Gallagher in the BAU Writer Series

I have no doubt that many, if not most of you, are quite savvy with mobile technology. You know how to use it, how to email or check Facebook with it, how to get your news and text your friends. Are any of you using your mobile technology to create your portfolio and presence online?

 A lot of these recommendations will depend on what type of phone you have and what type of functionality you have with that phone. If you have a SMS-only phone (for texting, email, maybe news) then you can consider some of these services for keeping up with your schoolwork and reflecting on your progress. I talked in a previous post about the need for an online portfolio of your work and a blog is a good way to get started with that. It can be an easy SMS implementation, just a matter of a few texted words and you are ready to go. Blogger has a SMS service, and Twitter is useful (and SMS-friendly) for developing a network. If you have a bit more functionality than an SMS-phone, consider LinkedIn via mobile as it has a relatively lightweight design that shouldn’t prove too taxing on your connection. LinkedIn will become quite useful to you later as you can export all your information into CVs and resumes directly from the site, so invest your time in the site now. Remember, you have access to a fairly diverse network of professionals and future professionals at Beni American University and you should be looking to network with them via LinkedIn or via your own site whenever possible.

Once you have chosen a few services for communicating, reflecting, and developing your own portfolio, be sure to personalize them. For this you might need to switch to a laptop or desktop computer. For a blog, be sure that your banner is clear and not too busy. Be sure that your font is readable and that your graphics are crisp but minimal. If you can draw or work with graphics, design your own. I literally had my sister design mine.


Be sure to have a short description of who you are and what you want to do. My About page makes it clear who I am and what I am trying to do. All my social media is to the right. For those of you wanting to take the next step and really start creating your own brand, consider buying your own domain. There are several ways to do this (I do it through WordPress), such as Web4Africa that are relative affordable. Choose a name (preferably your own name) that is clear and professional. Once you have this domain and you are satisfied with your blog or site, start posting via your mobile devices. Remember, the point with this portfolio and blogging is to demonstrate that you are thinking about the new information you are encountering, that you are constantly learning and reflecting. Employers love problem solvers and this is a good way to demonstrate that problem solving ability.

Editors Note

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