How We Utilize Donations
February 22, 2012

We are totally grateful for donations made to Beni American University. We ensure we follow all procedures to fully implement these donations starting from making them tax deductible.

We consider our work at BAU as a project towards the limitation of a social problem through educating the community and helping them realize their entrepreneurial aspirations.

Our programs ensure students create graduation projects that they can apply in the real world. Projects that we can help them fund or introduce them to potential investors and accelerators. You may consider this as university that is both an Academic Institution and an Entrepreneurial Incubator.

Whether you make donations in Cash or in support both internationally and locally, we will put the funds in good use and we will make public annually how we utilized donations on our website.

We are committed to financial transparency.

We will use donations in the following areas and more

  1. Investing in Student Projects
  2. Advancing Research and Publications
  3. Growing the Sensitization of the community on the gains of Hybrid Learning
  4. Provide more scholarships
  5. Provide better learning facilities – Centers, Computers, Internet Access and other tools
  6. Start and Grow our Library Services and Book Collections

Once again, Thank you.


You can donate and plegde here