Nancy Ruan
March 19, 2012

Nancy Ruan
Director of Academic Collaborations
Dean of General Studies

With a passion for teaching and deep commitment to the mission of education. Nancy Ruan is a senior lecturer at Zhejiang Normal University, China, and currently a PhD candidate at University of Nottingham, UK. She is leading in curriculum design and development, and has delivered various courses on English language, literature and culture over the last two decades.

She has played key roles in many cooperative teaching and research projects as well as faculty exchange programs. Her latest area of research explores higher education leadership development and management efficacy. Years’ of teamwork and friendship with colleagues from over the world and students of different cultural, ethnic backgrounds constitute in a broad knowledge foundation, excellent communication skills, and her vision for profound mutual understanding, cultural pluralism, social justice and harmonious shared prosperity.


  • PhD Candidate, Higher Education, University of Nottingham – 2011
  • Visiting Scholar, East China Normal University – 2004
  • MA, Zhejiang University – 2000
  • BA, Zhejiang Normal University – 1989

Areas of Scholarly Interest

  • Higher Education & Organizational Change
  • Holistic Education & Integrated Curriculum
  • Teacher and Student Development

Courses Taught

  • Intercultural Communication Skills, Culture and Translation: An Introduction
  • Advanced Audio-Visual Course in English
  • American Literature
  • Modern Literature in English
  • Advanced English Reading
  • Selected Reading on British and American Media
  • An Introduction to European Culture
  • An Introduction to Traditional Chinese Culture
  • Advanced Business Writing in Chinese
  • Computer Assisted Language Learning and Teaching

Selected Publications

  • Beiyi Ruan & Aifeng Huang (2003): Secretarial Procedures and Secretarial English, China Science and Culture Press, Beijing
  • Beiyi Ruan et al: English Grammar for High School Students (2000): Illustrations and Exercises, Kaiming Press, Beijing
  • Beiyi Ruan & Zhangxian Pan (1999): Winner’s Ways to English Vocabulary, China International Business and Economics Press, Beijing
  • Beiyi Ruan et al (1994): Extensive Readings in Contemporary Prose, Hangzhou University Press, Hangzhou