BAU Officially Collaborates with NEAI
April 4, 2012

Net Educational Advancement Initiative ( NEAI is a Non-Governmental, Non-Profit, Non-Political and Non- Partisan Organisation that seeks to promote Education for all especially to the rural and less privileged groups in Nigeria. NEAI is part of the MKFC community – ( ) in Sweden.

NEAI has offices in Sweden and cyber learning centers / presence in Nigeria – Owerri, Abuja and Okigwe.


Beni American University is an institution that sets the standard for educational excellence in Nigeria and West Africa. With cutting edge technologies and world class outreach, Beni American University is absorbing a great number of students and this will reduce the rate and number of students who are without proper higher education.

BAU believes that finances, location or infrastructure should not limit access and quality of education. BAU believes that every African student should be well educated.

NEAI is poised to enhance education in the rural areas of Nigeria through the provision of elearning access to education. NEAI has major focus on women and youths.

BAU has partnered with NEAI on a project to educate students under NEAI’s initiatives in Nigeria. The method of this partnership is to create an inclusive participating approach that will ensure the education provided will align with the visions of NEAI and her activities in Nigeria.

Beni American University

  • BAU will provide the learning and online infrastructure to train NEAI students.
  • BAU will provide the online classes for NEAI students.
  • NEAI students can join BAU as full time or part time students at a 25% discount per course throughout their program.
  • BAU will provide NEAI students the opportunity to transfer to international universities if they so choose.
  • BAU will support the visions of NEAI through technology and international exposure.

NET Educational Advancement Initiative

  • NEAI will assist BAU in its access to the local markets in Nigeria considering NEAI has its strengths there.
  • NEAI will work with BAU to use NEAI cyber centers in Nigeria for the purposes of facilitating centers for BAU / NEAI students
  • NEAI will work with BAU to create examination testing centers for BAU / NEAI examinations / testing
  • NEAI and BAU will work to access governmental awareness and collaborations for the future.

For further information on this partnership


Beni American University – HelpDesk – Email

NET Educational Advancement Initiative – Lilian ChibikoEmail