Prof John Traxler
April 10, 2012

John Traxler is Professor of Mobile Learning, probably the world’s first and a full UK professor, and Director of the Learning Lab at the University of Wolverhampton. He is a Founding Director of the International Association for Mobile Learning, Associate Editor of the International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning and of Interactive Learning Environments. He is on the Research Board of ALT, the Editorial Board of Research in Learning Technology and IT in International Development. He was Conference Chair of mLearn2008, the world’s biggest and oldest mobile learning research conference. He has guest edited three special editions of peer-reviewed journals devoted to mobile learning including Distance Education. He is now editing an African edition of the International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning.

John has co-written a guide to mobile learning in developing countries and is co-editor of the definitive book, Mobile Learning: A Handbook for Educators and Trainers, with Professor Agnes Kukulska-Hulme. They are working a second book on next generation mobile learning. He has written more than 16 book chapters on mobile learning, and talks and writes frequently on the nature and consequences of connectedness and mobility on learning, knowledge and societies.

In the autumn of 2011, he started projects in Palestine and Gaza, and supporting the South African Department of Education, in both cases in the area of mobiles and teacher training, and in spring 2012 projects in Turkey and Tanzania.

He supervises and examines PhDs in mobile learning and was one of the facilitators for the first pilot MobiMOOC course in early 2011 with over 200 active students. He was on the organising panel for the USAID m4Ed4Dev Symposium in August 2011 and in November chaired the WISE Debate Mobile Learning for the Hard to Reach in Qatar.

In 2009, he was shortlisted for the Handheld Learning Conference Special Achievement Award and received Best Research Paper Award from the Association for Learning Technology.

He was on the panel of judges for the JISC national blogging competition in 2009, the international judges panel for the GSMA prize for mobile learning apps at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona in 2010 and 2011, and the international judges panel for the UNESCO/Nokia Education for All Crowdsourcing Challenge.

He spoke in the 2nd Learning Technologies debate at Olympia at the invitation of Epic and in Paris, in March 2011, at the Cap Digital Think Tank in partnership with Compas group, Microsoft and PM Conseil.

He was keynote speaker at IADIS Mobile Learning 2010 in Oporto, the ISD2010 conference in Prague, ICL2010 at Hasselt University in Belgium, the VII International Seminar on Mobile Technologies for Learning and Development, in Barcelona in October 2010, 3rd International Future-Learning Conference on Innovations in Learning for the Future 2010:e-Learning in 2010, the annual Blackboard conference at Durham University in January 2011,and at many regional and specialist conferences since 2006.

He was an invited Expert for the First Mobile Learning Week at UNESCO Paris in December 2011 and contributed to current World Bank and World Economic Forum reports. Other keynotes in 2011 include the Mobile & Social Learning Event in April 2011 at the 22nd Annual Teaching and Learning Conference in Florida, the Mobile Maths conference in Abu Dhabi and APAC Mobile Learning & Edutainment Conference 2011 in Bandung, Indonesia, as well several UK events.

In March 2012, he will open the STELLAR research workshop in Brussels and close the UNESCO International Symposium in Washington, and contribute an invited session to ICTD in Atlanta for IDRC, followed by the World Literacy Summit in April at the University of Oxford.

He is on the JISC Legal’s Virtual Users Group and JISC e-Learning Experts Group; he convenes a special interest group focussed on the ethical challenges of educational interventions in popular digital technologies encouraging the researchers to discuss, debate and publish, and an international on-line community of early researchers in mobile learning.

He was invited by the British Council to speak at the South African national science festival, SciFest, and by Microsoft to their Mobile Learning Summit in Seattle. The Canadian government invited him to ICTD2008 in Bangalore. In 2009, he spent two months as visiting scientist at the Meraka Institute in Pretoria supporting socially useful mobile technology projects. He worked with the Pearson Foundation on their Foundation Leadership Summits for policy-makers in four Southern African countries. He mentors research capacity building for IRDC, specifically mobile application development for rural health education in Cambodia and now online learning in Tanzania.

He is an Academic Reviewer for the ESRC Peer Review College and also reviews bids ass required for JISC, Leverhulme Trust, South African National Research Fund (NRF), Hong Kong Research Council, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation) and the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences.

He was reviewer with the IDRC SiRCA programme, reviewing bids for research funding across South Asia, with the HEA reviewing bids for academic professional development and was on the MoLeNET board, reviewing bids for development funding in the UK FE sector.

He is on the Steering Group for the USAID mEducation Alliance. He has advised foundations, BioVision, Pearson, MacArthur, Joan Cooney Ganz, on funding priorities in their upcoming programmes and has been funded by JISC, HEA, LSC, British Council, DFID and DfES, He was the Evaluator for the EU FP6 m-learning project.

He has been responsible for national workshops on mobile learning for UK universities and delivered similar workshops to university staff in Germany, Kenya, South Africa, Canada, Mexico and India. He advises UK universities on mobile learning projects. He acts as independent advisor and reviewer for commercial projects and start-ups in mobile learning internationally.

He was previously a university lecturer in computer science and software engineering interested in programming paradigms and an adult literacy tutor, organiser and writer in a voluntary community centre. He has degrees in computer science, astronomy and engineering and a research degree in numerical methods, and has been elected a full member of the Alpine Club.

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