Micheal Gallagher
May 23, 2012

Michael Sean Gallagher is a Professor of English at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea, and doctoral candidate at the Institute of Education, University of London and his research interests include mobile learning for higher education in developing nations, open learning, lifelong learning, and elearning. He is currently working on a study exploring the creation of mobile communities of practice for higher education in East Africa.

He acts as a consultant and independent researcher on several educational initiatives exploring the role of geography, place, and sound in elearning as well as MOOC course creation and retention strategies for open courses. He currently resides in London, but considers Princeton, New Jersey and Seoul, Korea home.

Prior to that, Michael was the Education & Outreach Manager, Research & Teaching Environments at ITHAKA where he developed and administered education and training programs throughout Africa, Asia, and North America. He has administered academic workshops at universities on online research, information literacy, course creation, social collaboration strategies, and using multimodal materials for research. He has also created several social networks revolving around scientific practice, and developed supporting materials to support these networks including digital videos, webinars, elearning activities and more. In addition to his work with JSTOR, Michael also worked on Aluka, a digital library of multimedia materials by and about Africa. He has presented at numerous international conferences towards these ends. Michael has years of teaching experience in Asia having worked as an academic supervisor and language instructor.

Along with his pursuit of a PhD in Education at the Institute of Education, University of London Michael holds a MLIS with a specialization in the management of digital information from Drexel University (USA) and a MSc in Elearning from the University of Edinburgh (UK).

Michael is very active in social media and encourages you to connect with him there. He writes consistently on matters related to mobile learning and  elearning on his blog.

He can also be reached by