May 23, 2012

Beni American University
Collaborates with
Centre for Entrepreneurship, Atlanta Metropolitan State College


In demonstration of her commitment to push the boundaries of knowledge and provide world-class tertiary education to Africans, Beni American University (BAU) is partnering with the Centre for Entrepreneurship, Atlanta Metropolitan State College, U.S to deliver a 12-week Business Accelerator programme to BAU scholars.

The Atlanta Metropolitan State College Centre for Entrepreneurship (AMSCCE) is a resource centre for entrepreneurs and their mission is to provide existing and budding entrepreneurs with the tools and skills needs to successfully establish, operate and nurture a business for growth.

BAU is also an educational institution that is targeted at pioneering boundless learning in sub-saharan Africa, thus setting the standard for educational excellence in the region through cutting-edge technologies.

This partnership is expected to ensure that BAU succeeds in her mission to reduce the statistics of students with academic potential in Africa who lack
access to proper higher education due to poor and inadequate infrastructure in the region, among other factors. This partnership will also allow these students to become self sustaining entrepreneurs that will create game changing startups.

According to the collaboration between both institutions, BAU students would be offered a twelve-week Business Accelerator package which includes
seminars in Idea development, Entrepreneurial Excellence, Concept Paper, Pitch Competitions and much more. The students would also be beneficiaries of a Mentoring Program from AMSCCE.

AMSCCE works to build entrepreneurial creativity, nurture viable ideas and assist in the success of entrepreneurial ventures. By joining BAU in providing “low cost” educational opportunities to current and aspiring entrepreneurs, providing networking opportunities, and lending opportunities to learn about effective and ethical business practices, they are keying in with BAU’s vision to become Africa’s premier online hybrid institution of learning.

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