Site Policies
February 24, 2012


Beni American University’s web presence is an important part of BAU’s brand identity and as an online university, an integral part of the entire academic process. For those coming from outside the university campus, it is their main channel of communication with BAU, and the impression they receive from the website can influence their decision to attend BAU.

BAU department of Media and Communications is responsible for developing, coordinating and delivering the university’s strategic communications and marketing initiatives both online and offline.

The division’s department of Web Communications develops unique content that captures the heart and brand characteristics of BIU and ensure that the university web pages are easily navigable and accessible.

Policies and Guidelines


To present a consistent, unified image and reinforce BAU’s branding and marketing initiatives, all division, college, school, department and special information websites and pages must clearly identify their relationship with the university.

University departments and related organizations are required to use official BAU-branded web templates.

University departments that host any of the official BAU-branded templates outside of the BAU central Server are required to ensure that the templates reflect the most recent global content and design requirements, especially the global navigation at the top of each web page and the content and links in the template footer.

No university trademarks may be altered or manipulated in any way or merged with or placed directly against any other logo.


Non-BAU advertising within the domain is strictly prohibited. Special considerations can be given to sponsors. For questions, contact Media and Communications.

Domain Names

All BAU websites must reside in the domain unless granted approval by Media and Communications.

Domain names should be brief and search-engine friendly. All centrally-hosted websites are automatically set up with URLs in the format of: as well as  Web Communications can provide site name recommendations.  Additionally, site managers may request special URLs within the domain, such as

Domain name requests for public-facing websites are approved by Web Communications. Domain names requests for internal systems, utilities and applications are approved by the department of Technical Services.

BAU Secure Content

BAU is working hard towards providing content for the students, staff and faculty to enhance the learning process and quality. One of the ways we are doing this, is by providing access to leading resources across the globe through the generosity of the content providers.

In order to keep integerity of these relationships, we have set out a few rules for access these secure contents.

1. All secure content and libraries can only be accessed through the BAU Campus Network.

2. To access secure content from outside the BAU Campus Network, we have restricted access to ONLY BAU issued tablets and computers.

3. Secure contents are only to be used for the purposes for which they are set out for.

4. BAU Computers will clean out secure content downloaded on them.

5. We have set out academic rules with faculty heads to ensure all secure content used and other content available on the internet will be adequately referenced and attributed.

Privacy and Collection of Personal or Confidential Information

Please note that BAU is prohibited by law from requiring an individual to transmit his or her personal security information such as social security numbers,  credit card information and other billing information over the Internet, unless the connection is secure or the information is encrypted. However we strongly recommend that student, faculty and staff do not transmit such personal information across BAU’s networks.