About Us

The history of BAU Research and Development stems from the belief that equality in access to higher education is needed for the development of Africa. Economic, Political and Societal challenges however continue to considerably prevent many of those living in Sub-Saharan Africa from gaining proper higher education. Also, those who gain access to education graduate to join a demanding job market. There is a need to create opportunities for graduating students in African countries.

We are reinventing learning in Africa by providing Advisory, Financing and Research that equip universities to provide the best possible learning to its students. We advise, invest and create research opportunities for these institutions based on their needs, to match established global standards and in turn increase the competitiveness of these institutions in the African and Global market.


December 2012 – Created West Africa’s First Online Institution: BAU Online

November 2013 – Officially began plans for the development of Beni American University

January 2015 – Signed Equity Investment in Rhema University, Aba


We believe that proper higher education learning can provide a lot of opportunities for young people in Africa. It is our goal to increase the number of properly run institutions of higher learning across Africa through our well researched methods, processes and programs. We work towards creating opportunities and make them accessible to students within our network.

Values: Innovation, Openness, Equality and Quality

Mission: To design stimulating learning environments across African institutions of higher learning supported by post education opportunities for success and self-sustaining growth for our students.

Vision: Providing innovative and technology driven access to quality education on the African continent.