Our Network

We provide funding, research and advisory for our network of institutions and universities on the African continent. These institutions offer a diverse range of academic programs in the Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Medical Sciences, Humanities, Social and Applied Sciences, Management, Communications, Media and Arts, as they award professional certificates, diplomas, bachelor and post-graduate degrees. We provide expert advise on: Marketing, Business Development, Research, Technology, Partnerships and other relevant services, thereby increasing student enrollments, value delivered and greatly reducing the cost of services for these institutions.

Institutions within the BAU R&D Network include:

Africa’s Global University, providing an international university experience, quality learning and extended student enterprise support. A Liberal Arts University, implementing a tailored curriculum. Built to be a beautiful & serene campus to foster innovation.

Founded: 2014
Population: Proposed
Campus: Calabar (Under Development)
BAU Ownership: 100%
Status: Proposed
Programs: Technology, Humanities, Arts, Media, & Sciences
Website: http://bau.edu.ng

Provider of a wide range of accredited degree programs in Nigeria. Founded by the Living Word Ministries as a tool to cultivate in the students, profound professional expertise and high moral character & to develop leaders that will help meet the challenges in this age of globalization.

Founded: 2010
Campus: Aba (Takeoff)
BAU Ownership: Minority
Status: Licensed and Accredited
Programs: Natural Sciences, Applied, Social & Management Sciences and Basic Studies
Website: http://rhemauniversity.edu.ng

Provider of Executive and Professional Programs that can be completed entirely online or in-campus. BAU Executive Education Programs are designed for graduates, professionals, managers and students looking to build on existing professional portfolios to grow their careers or become employable.

Founded: 2016
Population: 3850
Campus: Online / On Campus (Calabar)
BAU Ownership: 100%
Status: Operational
Programs: On-Campus and Online Executive Education Programs
Website: http://executive.bau.edu.ng

- Why Join The BAU R&D Network -

The amazing benefits of partnering with us


We offer capital investments and financing to universities in the African region. We engage early stage universities through equity and convertible-debt financing. We fund expansion and growth projects.


We provide expert advisory to our network of institutions across different areas of focus, using our collective wealth of experience to lead African universities into the 21st century.


We create research opportunities and grants access within our network. Our focus areas for research include Curriculum Development, Lifelong Learning, Entrepreneurship and STEM.